Simple Excerises to Reduce Belly Fat for a Healthier Body

Concerned and bothered about the belly fat you have? There are simple exercises you can do regularly that can help reduce that belly fat. Just take out one hour in a day to spend time doing these simple exercises and you will witness your belly fat reducing in a few days’ time.

  • Crunches- Nothings burns fat like crunches. It is also considered by experts as the best top raked fat burning exercises. So, if you want to lose that belly fat start working your abs. The best way to do your crunches is to lie down on your back with your knees touching each other and then put your hands at the back of your head and then push your upper body back and forth or up and down towards your knees. You can also keep arms across your chest. Inhale once you are down and once you push up exhale. Continue inhaling and exhaling according to when you are lying down or up. As a beginner you must do this at least 10 times and then you can increase the number of times.

  • Twist crunches- Once you have gotten used to doing the regular crunches you can begin doing the twist crunches. This is basically the same thing but instead of pushing your upper body upwards and downwards towards your knee you must lift your shoulder towards your left and the left torso must continue to be on the ground. Its basically doing the regular crunches but in a twist. This is bound to be a little harder that the twist crunches but you can work on doing at least 10 of them as a beginner.

  • Side crunches- Another one to add to the set of crunches. This requires you to turn to the side while you push your body upwards towards the knee in a regular crunch. Turn to the side when you are up and then come back to laying down state. Turn once to the left and once to the right. Keep repeating that until you can feel a certain sensation in your abs. By, this time you would have already been quite familiarised with the other two crunches and thus this is bound to be easier to do as you can do the other two well enough.

  • Bicycle exercise- You don’t need a bicycle to do this exercise neither do you need to know how to cycle. As long as you can already do your crunches you can do this exercise. It is basically doing your crunches but instead of keeping your knees together while lying down you must keep folding them inward and outward alternately similar to the movement your legs would make while cycling. Continue to bicycle in the air while doing your crunches.